Why Go Solar?

Save Money
Saving you money on your electricity bills by producing your own electricity and selling back excess electricity produced back into the grid.

Government Incentives
Get benefits of government rebates and feed-in-tariff, years guaranteed line of revenue; government backed to pay for the costs of installation and generation; and includes payment for exported energy that other families can use.

Reduce your carbon foot print
Solar panels are clean while generating electricity from sunlight solar panels produce virtually no pollution where as burning fossil fuels releases large quantities of toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Solution for Rising Electricity retail Prices
80-90% of our customers install solar panels to find a solution for rapidly increasing electricity retail prices. Australia electricity’s retail prices are among the highest all over the globe.

First in your area
Solar panels are a long term investment for homes across the Australia. Once you make the initial investment in the hardware, you will have free electricity for years to come. Be the first on your street to install and encourage others to follow.

House value
Installing solar panels to your property is similar to adding a conservatory, to give you a possible increase in your property value